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[solved] Manjaro crashed and won't boot now

Solved: somehow I was able to login to desktop as root without /home being mounted so I changed the mount options and it works now.

I was trying to do something on my PC that caused it to crash. I’m pretty sure it was writing something to disk cache when it crashed and now when I try and boot I get errors. I booted into the manjaro architect installer and tried to mount the positions and got an error when trying to mount my /home directory. I ran some commands and when I tried to mount /home (witch is a different physical hard drive from where / is) it said super block read error and something about journaling checksum error. Anyone know how to fix fstab because I think mine is messed up and repair journal checksum?

I’m running manjaro architect in UEFI mode. / and everything else is on my SSD and /home is on a hard drive. I think I have it setup with UUID and there might be an error with that too. Also I can boot to login screen but can’t login. I get black screen when I login. Wasn’t able to reach login screen before until I regenerated fstab from install media.

Hey, I edited your thread title and added “solved” so that others can see you already managed to fix the problem. :slight_smile:

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