*Solved* Low FPS with New Setup! Help

Okay I just got a new graphics card.

Radeon R9 270x Gigabyte OC.

PSU: 600b evga 600 watt bronze certified.

CPU: AMD Athlon X4 750k

RAM: 4gb of corsair vengence ram.

Motherboard: MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 FM2 AMD A75

COOLING: stock 

STORAGE: 500gb hard disk, 250gb hard disk, 200gb hard disk all 7200

So here's the problem. I saw Austin Evans 600 gaming PC video and he got high frames on his games. I'm getting low frames on my games, and when I change the graphic settings from ultra to low, I get a 5 frame gain -_-. The games so far I've had this problem with is Far Cry 3 and BF4. With far cry I get 29 fps on low and 19 on ultra. BF4 rouge transmission, team death match. Min 30, Avg 45, Max 66 on low. Ultra I get 22. -____________- . 

Can anyone help me? I installed the latest drivers. I just don't know the problem. Im going to get another stick of 4gb ram maybe that will help, not much though i think.

monitor usage as your play seems most likely culprit is cpu for bf4 with a ok but not amazing cpu i would definitely tone down the mesh quality.

So far it seems your CPU is the only possible bottleneck but even then it shouldn't become a bottle neck until a few years from now. Can we get some more information? Specs, clock speeds, temps on both CPU/GPU, GPU usage statistics? It looks to me like the system isn't utilizing the 270x at all really but it must be if you're getting a video signal to your monitor. Anyways more info please! :D

I took some screenshots. 


If there's any program I should use to gather get the info besides these let me know. Thanks for the help by the way.


have you overclocked your system? if so, you OC might not be stable, and you should add more voltage, or lower the clocks a bit

yes ive overclocked my system. I do I know if its unstable? I just used msi's one click over clock.

Get rid of that and just see where you are at stock for now. Then think about overclocking when you get some nice performance on stock.

so stop overclocking my system and my gpu. ok. ill let you if things changed. Thank you!

I'm going to take a guess here and say that this is your first time building a PC, so I'm just going to list a few things that might help

1) Check your drivers, I don't mean to sound patronising but it happens.

2) Record results with and without an overclock, overclocking can often cause system insability but not normally low fps so I'm not sure on that one.

Try these things and then see what happens

That's pretty good for now. I recommend using CPU-Z, GPU-Z and using MSI's Afterburner onscreen FPS monitor. It could very well be misleading you. FRAPS used to tell me I was getting 45 fps on FC3 with a overclocked 7970 and an i7 3770k. Afterburner would tell me I was getting closer to 85. So try another FPS monitor as well. Does it seem to be performing poorly or are you just concerned by what FPS value that program is showing you? 

Also just as the others have stated run everything at stock clocks and record that data first. Temps look fine from what I see.


Turned off the overclocking on everything and got lower frames. Around 15.

it is not my first time. I've built 3 other pcs. I downloaded the latest drivers off amds website. I recorded my results above with an overclock. Look at my older comment. its an imgur link. I'm am completely puzzled at how this is happening. I should be getting around 50 or 60 fps on ultra. Whenever I call Gigabyte support it says no one is available. For the past three days. I really need this help as I would like get my moneys worth lol. I should be getting around 50-60 fps right with my rig? I hope I am not mistaken. Could it be from only 4gb of ram?

i have the same set up except I have 8 gigs of 1600mghtz ram and a xfx r9 270x and i max out every game i play. I haven't checked the frames but i haven't had any problems at 1080p and i have a slower 1tb wd hdd green drive so u must have gotten a bad part i would download software to check on your hardware's performance. 

I just realised in your image the cpu is being seen as a two core cpu when 4 should be shown. I don't know what could be causing this.



Like in this example pulled from the internet:



Far Cry 3 and BF4 are some of the most hardwhere intensive games around ---> bf4 is a broken mess ---> FC3 is a system breaker but set that game to DX9 medium graphics and you should be able to play in the 40-50fps range seting it to DX11 even tanks my FX8320+HD7950 below 40Fps.

Well I fixed this cpu issue with help from this. http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=635126

But now I get blue screens of death when I start up my games. -_- God dammit, I JUST WANNA PLAY GAMES.

I fixed it mate! My computer was saying I had only 2 cores, so I went to my msconfig and changed stuff. Then turned off overclock because it was blue screening my computer. Thank you for all your help! I am running far cry 3 at 60fps at very high. I am super excited! Thanks again everyone for the assistance!

Awesome! Glad to hear you're able to enjoy it now! FC3 is one of my favorite games from this year.

Yes! I recently picked it for 7 dollars on the winter sale. I very happy with my purchase as the game is beautiful and very fun. Nice voice acting especially.