[SOLVED] Lost in the Intel CPU jungle

Hello folks!

I am officially lost in intels CPU jungle - specifically Xeons - I was looking at a local (europe) retailer for a mainboard and CPU for a NAS;

Is the E5 line successor to E3 or is that equivalent to I3 and I5? What sockets do xeons usually have?

(yes I looked at the several ongoing NAS builds, but it seems I can not find the mainboards used in them over here at any retailer I know of)

Thanks for you help!

E5s are socket 2011

E3s are socket 1150/1151 and so on.

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ok, so there are several generations running under the E3 and E5 names?

Yes. For example the Xeon E3-1230.
E3-1230, E3-1230 v2, E3-1230 v3, E3-1230 v5
Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Skylake
And sockets respectively
1155, 1155, 1150, 1151

Probably easiest for you to resort to Wikipedia. It might take a while to rummage through all the information but.. Yeah.. Also the links on Wikipedia most of the time go to Intel ARK database.
You're probably looking at newest stuff so here you go. The microarchitecture pages always include a list of the desktop, mobile and server CPU's.

Then there's the ginormous lists if you really wanna deep dive..

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Thanks for that great compilation of Wikipedia!

So am I right that the

is the newest of them and needs socket 1151, right?

Yes, that's correct. The E3-xxxx v5 Xeons use the Skylake microarchitecture, use the LGA1151 socket and need C230 series chipset (C232 or C236).

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Thank you very much! I realy had a knot in my brain it seems; now it becomes very obvious though! Thanks!