[Solved] Looking for case

Hey all,
I am building a PC for my grandmother and I am having a difficult time deciding on a case.
PC will have the i3-6100, a mATX mobo, and a disc drive.
I expect to pay around $50 for it, upwards of $60 if need be.
I prefer to have the PSU mounted on the bottom of the case so that it will recieve fresh air.
I would also like to have the case be on the small side since it is a very basic system.

The case I am currently looking at is the Coolermaster N200, the only issue I have with this case is that the bar on the front would cause the disc drive to look bad.

Another case I am considering is the Corsair 200R my only issues with this case is the plastic hdd holder and the size.

Do you folks have any suggestions?

Thanks! I didn't even see that one nor consider a cube case, I assumed they were all itx.

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Oh, there are quite a few ATX cubes as well as mATX. But this is probably the best cube case ever made. Extreme customization options, any panel can fit anywhere, so you can easily make this case standard layout... Window panel can go anywhere... If only i did needed a new case...

I am very impressed with this case, If I think it will fit i just might have to buy it.
Only issue is that the disc drive must be mounted externally
EDIT: I am fairly certain the case will not fit in the space provided

Every case, i think of, under $60 don't have ODD bay...
I guess the only other recommendation i can give you is Zalman Z3 Plus...
4 fans with fan controller, space for everything, ODD bays, thinner case, but way taller...

Everything else, NZXT S340, Phanteks P400... Everything else is without optical drives...

That is a nice enough case, you are right, it is a bit large. The depth and width should fit, don't know about height.
I think I will buy the cube case for myself when I need another PC, currently have the fractal R4.
Thanks for the recommendations!

I can argue, R4 is in my top 5 best cases ever, and you just need to do some basic relocation inside and keep it... Add a couple extra fans and you are set for every configuration ever made ever...

Yup, I like the R4 quite a bit. I upgraded to it from the CM storm enforcer case b/c I though it would be quieter. Cant quiet down noisy HDDs though. The R4 is a bit more spacious inside than the CM case I had but the R4 doesnt have 200mm fans. I bet my comp. would actually be quiet like I thought if I had less fans on it. Those 200mm fans sure are quiet.
Anyhow, I like the R4, it is a nice sturdy case and can fit everything I will ever need.
Now I just need to figure out what to do for this build, the Zalman is a good contender but it is a bit tall so it might not fit in the cabinet that is allocated for the PC. (Cabinet is more of a shelf with walls than an actual cabinet)
I am trying to fit this PC in a desk similar to this

I have 10 fans currently spinning in my case. It is SILENT. My case is Fractal Arc Midi R2... No noise dampening anywhere. Just vibration dampening. As much as i dislike JayzTwoCents, he have a fairly decent video, explaining those things...

Well, from that point, you just need to choose a case, that will properly fit in that space. I can't help from here on.

I was implying that removing certain fans and replacing the covers would reduce noise as fewer holes=fewer places for sound to escape, I should have been more clear. Anyhow, thanks for your time!

Looks like I am stuck with the N200 due to size limitations. I guess I will just have to put up with the bar. If only CM make the case so the bar was flat with the mesh....