[Solved] Live USB With Persistence

For the past 4 hours or so I have been trying everything I can with two separate USB sticks to get persistence working. They load live just fine but never save anything.

I have not used Linux in a long time but remember how to get around and these used to be very easy to make, I used them many times before but now I cannot get them working at all.

Unetbootin under linux
Unetbootin under windows
DD under linux (made it completely broken)
Linux Live USB creator under windows
Rufus Under windows (does not support persistence)
Rufus and repartition as per guide
Manually creating Partitions for live install and persistence partition.

Most every one made working live USBs with the exception of DD which made a bootable USB but crashed on loading, none have made a useable persistent USB

Used Xubunutu 16.04.2 and Ubuntu 17.04

EDIT: I Got it, I feel really stupid. Had to edit kernel arguments in grub to boot with persistence.

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What were the kernel arguments?

Just to add "persistent" at the end.

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