[SOLVED] Laptop Linux issues

I had previously posted about my laptop having black screen issues in Ubuntu.
I have since fixed that by updating Linux Kernel.


My issue now is waking up from sleep/suspend/hibernate mode. I have an Asus K53Z Laptop and most forums I see people are also having trouble with this. From what I can tell the laptop is running fine in the background as I can SSH into the laptop even though screen won't power back on.

Is there a script I can write to have the laptop screen reinitialize?

Things I have tried are:
1. doing the Ctrl+Alt+function keys
2. I tried un commenting SAVE_VIDEO_PCI_STATE=true in the file /etc/default/acpi-support
3. I even tried the script listed here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/53372/suspend-hibernate-doesnt-work-on-an-asus-laptop
With no luck.

Anyone have any thoughts? I am currently running Ubuntu 14.04 Gnome following @wendell youtube video.

I have also tried 14.04 Unity Ubuntu and Elementary OS, still same issue. Perhaps getting off a Debian based Linux might help?

Looks like your bug is on launchpad.


Thank you, I will update after trying a few of the ideas there.

I used to have a dbus config that listened for open/close laptop lit and run suspend unsuspend on a pm program that I forget the name of. But that was a while ago now I think systems just does it. For Ubuntu maybe there is something similar.

Sorry not a solution but maybe the info is useful for direction.

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Try some arch based distro like antergos or manjaro (even using a live should be enough i guess) and see if the problem is still there.

That is definitely on the list of options. Curious, how is Arch when it comes to Steam?

I use Antergos on both my desktop PC and laptop, steam runs normally in both machines. Why should it have any problem?

Not saying it would just checking as I am still new to the Linux stuff and diving in head first. Fun and challenging.

Okay so here is an interesting find I have. I tried the link @Raate provided and I can't seem to install any fglrx. Maybe my laptop is just too outside the range for support. Here is my graphics info.

Thoughts anyone?

AMD A4-3305M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics

upgrade your RAM and RAM speed since that is an APU. 1866 or faster if the laptop supports it. It shouldnt matter since the APU supports it.

How will upgrading my RAM help?

What model HD graphics does it have ?

I think that's it. I can't seem to find anything else that would imply any more information.

+1 /ram
but... It sounds to me like a composting issue or crossed architecture without supporting dependencies (32on64)... and without having you list logs/print-outs it could be a list of different issues. Solutions: save your bash history, wipe&reload the OS & config, examine what youi might have done wrong and learn from the experience. I bet you may have not given sufficient privi's to a post install config. (you installed something under your user profile and it requires su priviledges) Im not at all versed in the Ubuntu universe, so Im not sure how y'all handle autostart direction but look in ~/.config for autostarts and make sure each uncommented line is trailing with a & or &&. Itll prolly be isted as compton or compiz, etc... You could also restore system defaults from /etc/xdg untill you figure out your /user issue. (do this from the terminal)
Have you tried booting your system from Live. Grab a debian or /deb/sid live distro and burn it to usb. You can use chroot to correct a lot of your issues as long as you (or they) havent locked down the /root and /etc on your native /system. Make sure you match architecture: 32on32, 64on64, arm on arm, etc. Repost back if you need a chroot cheat sheet / Im sure we can all come up with a list for you.

A couple-o-things though to either consider or completely disregard. 1.Its rarely a hardware issue 2.its rarely a distro issue (that someone hasnt already reported) 3.You are going to bork system configs and installs ...a lot! if you dont enjoy fixing, rewriting, reinstalling, searching for fixes, the only thing you should expect from *nix is a moderate level of frustration for the better part of the next year. 4.How can you be new to *nix and already be on the Debian Haterwagon? 5. As it says in the bible - the only way to heaven is through ARch Linux. So yes, it should be a goal of yours, so throw on some training wheels for the now so you can learn how the machine works first. We all had to do it at some point. (I would insert here that a good vanilla debian distro would be good for you - but I dont want to sway you against another of the amazing intro environments) IMO - Elementary & Ubuntu are not necessarily good for beginners - too many crutches around system commands and terminal operations that you will most certainly need to know venturing up to Arch and even most Debian systems. Cheers mate - youre here atleast, and therefore already ahead of the curve.

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Radeon HD 6480G is what I'm seeing as integrated on that chip

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Okay yes I do see that now, sorry about that.

Try this maybe ?


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Not sure about Arch but Manjaro that is Arch based has official Steam support.

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So I just tried a live version of Arch and put the laptop into sleep mode and was STILL not able to recover to a normal screen. I am starting to believe it is an issue with the model of laptop no matter what distro I use.

So I also just found this. anyone familiar with arch who has seen this?


from my experience - speedstep /enabled has always had a hand in something gone/going wrong. If not concerning something immediate, future updates trigger problems. Sucks you have to deal with this right out of the gate.

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