[solved, kinda] HDD docking station recommendations?

For the ease of use I want to get a docking station so I don’t have to install HDDs in my case when I want to just copy/move data from one HDD to another (like when I get a new HDD).
My mobo has more than enough SATA ports but it just seems so much easier to drop it in a docking station and plug it in via USB.

That said, I never had one and don’t know which brands are more reliable than others. Sharkoon is one of the brands sold here but they’re stuff’s quality matches the price (meh).

So, has anyone of you a recommendation for a docking station? (actual availability for brands might be an issue, though)

I brought a NexStar HDD Duplicator about 2 years ago for the exact same purpose and never had any problems with it.



I have one these, it is quite nice to use.


Decided to get a simple ext. enclosure instead a docking station as most of them looked iffy af (50€ and below).

Didn’t realize it’s the same brand @Novasty posted.