Solved: IVSHMEM Cannot verify Digital Signature

I am working on setting up Looking Glass on my Windows Guest. I’ve been unable to get looking-glass-host.exe to run and It never shows up in task manager. Running looking-glass-host.exe -f does not provide any output. I think this issue may trace back to the driver for the PCI Standard RAM Controller, IVSHMEM. I’ve attempted to install both versions obtainable from the link on the Looking Glass website. Both of them Windows reports “Problem installing the drivers”, “Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device”.

Is there an issue with digital signature, or is that normal, and my problem lies elsewhere?


Putting my solution here for anyone else experiencing this problem. It appears that RedHat signatures where recently broken. and it was suggested on another platform to disable secure boot in Windows. To do this, I did the following.

Confirm the state of Secure Boot
In the Windows Guest, open the run menu. You can do this a few ways.

  • Open start menu -> type run
  • Or by pressing super+r

In the run menu, type

  • msinfo32

A windows should pop up. Search the right pane for the entry Secure Boot State. It should say something like unsupported, enabled, or disabled. If it says enabled, then we will need to disable secure boot

Disable Secure Boot

  • shift+restart
    Restart Windows from the start menu. When you click restart, make sure to hold shift+restart

From there, you can follow the prompts for Advanced Settings -> UEFI Firmware Settings. It will reboot you and you can follow the menu’s to disable secure boot. Once complete, reboot the Windows guest and follow the instructions in the section “Confirm the state of Secure Boot” to confirm it has in fact been disabled.

Then you can attempt to install the driver for IVSHMEM again.