[solved] ISP at capacity, halving my DL speeds. Anything I can do on my side?

Yesterday I noticed that my download speeds have halved in the evening (friday evening, when every bloke is at home streaming Netflix). The latency and upload speeds were fine, only the download speeds were impacted. At the worst moment I wasn't even able to load websites. Usually I have ~120Mb/s (125 advertised) but it dipped down to 54Mb/s.

After I called my ISP the guy from the support team told me that my area was at capacity and that enlargements are planned for this spring.

Is there anything I can do on my side other than waiting for my ISP to fix this and avoiding peak hours?

Hmm interesting.
Is it confirmed that the issue is at the isp side?
If so, then there is not much you can do about it.

Are your speeds fine at non peak hours?

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The guy from the support team checked my connection, asked me to do a speed test and after talking to another guy in his team he told me that the main line/distributor in my area was congested/at capacity, that they are aware of the problem and that it is already planned to upgrade it this spring.

Right now (saturday noon) the speeds are fine. ~120Mb/s which is what I usually get.

Okay, then indeed there is not much you can do about it yet.
I had a similar issue wenn i upgraded my internet connection to 200mbit.
In peak hours big drops in speeds back to 120mbit.
After a few phone calls, the isp had done some updates in my area.
Since then problem solved.

If they are aware of the problem, then they simply need to fix this asap.
If you are on cable, this often happens wenn allot of users in your area come on line at the same time,
which mostly happens in peak hours.

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Thanks. On one hand I'm relieved that it's indeed the ISP's problem, on the other hand it's annoying af (selling more than they can provide), especially since I can nothing do but wait.

At least it's not their crappy modem (no money for a good one).

Yeah the modem is probably not the problem.

getting 54 down you should still have no problem downloading web pages. However, peak hour issues are a thing. Also, you probably dont have a dedicated line, instead one that is essentially 'shared' on the isp end.

If you use your ISP as your DNS then that could be the added latency, as every time you try to send a query you are trying to talk to the already saturated ISP network.

Trying changing your DNS in your router to, (google DNS and backup respectfully).

The modem wouldnt be the issue here, as if it is able to provide you with the 150 down in the morning it will be able to do the same at night.

If everyone watching netflix is on your home connection, then try turning off QoS, as that places priority on streaming packets.

You may need to get a more powerful router if your LAN cannot handle the traffic.

I work for an Network management company, and circuits get maxed out all the time. He was probably telling the truth. Everyone always wants more and more bandwidth, and there are new customers all the time. They have to basically upgrade to survive.

Other than the things I mentioned there's not much else you can do on your side.

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