[SOLVED] Is it possible to render on a Tesla while displaying through a Quadro?

Hello. My question is in the title, but I’ll state it again. Would it be possible, in the real world, to render graphics tasks on an Nvidia Tesla GPU while using a Quadro GPU for a display output? Preferably, I would like to have the ability to tell different applications like OBS to render on the quadro simultaneously.

When I tried to find information on this, I was directed to many different forums about the same topic. Half of what I saw said no, and the other half said yes. Which one is it? Also, would I have to use the Quadro driver or the Tesla driver? (I’m guessing quadro, if possible, because of there not being any windows or linux drivers available.) Also, how would I do this?

I did see the L1 video about rendering on a tesla with onboard graphics as a display, but I can’t do that, as I don’t have onboard graphics. (I have an amd system)

Much thanks, whether or not anyone can figure this out.

yes you can, im using an RTX A4000 for display out and using my Tesla A100 for compute works fine on the DataCenter drivers for the A4000

Yes, You can. I ran a Tesla K40 and a Quadro NVS 510. All you really have to look out for is to make sure the cards are of the same generation. Simply install the Tesla drivers and the Quadro should just pick up.

Thank you to both of you, and I hope to be getting one soon. However, I cannot get the Tesla drivers on the nvidia site. Where can I find them?

What Tesla card are you using?
because for me i got mine under the DC/Tesla and selected the A100 as thats the card i have

But if you have a non A-series Tesla click the drop down under product series and select your generation

Heres the Link to the driver site

Thanks for posting this. At the time I was writing the question of where I could find the drivers, I have to wonder if NVIDIA’s site was having issues, as no matter of what OS I selected for my card (a Tesla m60), the search page gave me no results. It’s showing now, but anyways. Thanks!