[SOLVED] Is band 12 important?

Im converting over to t mobile and am looking at getting a new phone. I was talking with one of my friends who was insisting that i need a phone with band 12 support. I did some research and having found anything extreme definitive about how much of a benefit it is. Any thoughts on it?

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well im guna be on wifi all day so i shouldnt have any issues with that then.

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If I understand correctly it is only important if you live at the edge of a coverage zone.


but is it going to really benefit me in any way? Im on wifi all day and am in a fairly populated area (a town of over 170k people), one that does have t mobile coverage and has for a while.

If your phone does not have WiFi Calling enabled and you are in a building that Band 4 can't easily penetrate, sure, it's important. WiFi Calling isn't always reliable due to a number of constraints and considerations.

Band twelve penetrates better primarily because of its frequency

Generally the idea is the lower the frequency the better the penetration but the lower the amount of throughput per channel and vice versa

Its secondarily penetrates thanks to a better modulation and data going through materials can be error corrected for better.

To delve into the complexities this requires knowledge of constellation points etc

I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE ASK RF QUESTIONS .. feel free to make any number of threads about questions like this and @ me into it

Bottom line does it matter? yes if you live in areas that arents along interstates or in bigger cities. Band 12 is used in the rural locations alot. It would be nice IF tmobile puts up technical maps lol

We have a real world success story with @kewldude007 experiencing sub standard wireless performance before upgrading to a phone with band 12 support. He then upgraded and he has a full set of bars. It makes big difference when roaming. It IS however slightly slower and requires more channel bonding for the same amount of throughput

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i ended up with the honor 5x, it supports band 12 so i think i should be in good shape, thanks for the info though.

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your welcome

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