[SOLVED] Intel Integrated Graphics and RAM speed? Any benefit, where does it stop?

Related to another topic I made, see end for link.

It was posed that I would not see much benefit in games from faster ram beyond 3000Mhz, which I am happy to go along with, cheaper for me, but… I went looking and cannot find anything about how this actually plays out in the real world.

Does anyone know if there is an end to the benefit of faster ram for an Intel iGPU. Like I said I looked and cannot actually find any facts other than "Yeah it should help a little, but why are you gaming on integrated graphics, just buy a 1080ti like a normal person… " and then I just kind of zone out to the endless memes.

So deferring to wiser and nicer people, is there a measurable benefit, like has anyone done the work to find out if or how much better Intel iGPUs get with faster RAM?

I will note that this is NOT a gaming focused machine but it does game and its a nice system for what I want, so lets not get into the above nonsense. I have another PC for gaming, it works just fine. The actual use case for this is music making of the super light duty variety with ableton Live. If finding numbers on gaming for an iGPU in a “gaming” NUC was hard you try finding the benefit of faster ram for music production on a NUC… But that is beside the point, Just giving a frame of reference.

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According to Anandtech your NUC will have a minor at best difference from RAM speed.



Fantastic! This is exactly what i was looking for. Thank you so much! Try as I may that article never showed up in my searches.

Cool, cheap ram it is!