[solved] Intel DP965lv Drivers

Before I get into it, no hate for using the older hardware. I am upgrading soon. 


Ok, I have a dilemma. The drivers for the on board sound on my motherboard were deleted accidentally, and now the sound doesn't work. I have tried looking for drivers, but have found none that will work. At this point, I am about to just go out and buy a sound card, and I would rather not put too high end of hardware into this pc. Does anyone have an idea to where to get the driver I need? The mobo I am using is the Intel DP965lv in a Gateway DX420X running on Windows XP 32-bit Home Edition.


Did you try getting the driver from the gateway website?

Did you consider looking on the Intel website considering they made the board....?

Audio: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=13706&lang=eng

No hate for the older hardware here. If it works and does what it needs to, whats wrong with it?

You can also try slim drivers to. Works 95% of the time for me

It worked! Thank you! I gave up and for the past two months have been without audio. I looked on the intel website, and didn't find anything :( Thank you so much for helping me!

No problemo

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