(SOLVED) Installing Linux on an M.2 SSD

Assuming you have a Z170 PC Mate and that's just a typo, which bios revision are you using? Do you have any other drives hooked up to the motherboard? A weird issue I had was that if the M.2 drive I was trying to install (this was for various windows versions, so not linux but still worth noting) too was not the first hard or solid-state drive in the boot order besides the usb, it would not recognize the drive as boot-able and would not install to it.

The other idea I had was to update your motherboard bios. If its running one of the earlier bios revisions, updating could definitely help, as NVMe was basically in its infancy when Z170 was first rolling out. There was some NVMe support on Z97, but it really came into relative maturity with Z170 and X99 updates.