(SOLVED) HP ProCurve 2915-8G-PoE Switch console cable

Hello community,

A few day back I got my new (used) HP ProCurve 2915-8G-PoE Switch, which I will be using for my local home/office network. I am really exited as this is my first L2 and L3 manageable swich I’ve ever owned. I want to take advantage of the truncking capabilities of this switch, as well as some other security features. Unfortunately I cannot connect to the management console; I bought a CISCO RJ45-DB9 cable so I could connect with a VT emulator through the serial port on an old computer I have here at home. Unfortunately I cannot make a connection to the console. I’m currently using PUTTY as the VT emulator with the serial port set to COM1 and the speed to 9600, I have no clue what I’m doing wrong. Is this the correct speed for this switch?

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I was able to access the switch’s configuration. When I was connecting to the switch through the serial port, I was getting a static black windows in PuTTY, no signs of life. It was required to hit enter 3 times to get the welcome banner and logon screen.

Making my heart all fluttery, now I am getting all nostalgic for of my hardware milestones. I love getting excited about hardware!

Awesome buy!

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