SOLVED How to run Visual studio under Linux?

I seen the video where Linus show linux is much more usable for gaming these days than I remember. (

But I want to know if I can run Visual Studio under linux, because from what I searched there are still no “real” alternatives to it.
What I get so far is error window from the installer :frowning:

Can you help me with that?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Visual studio is one of those that really doesn’t work well in wine. You’re better off dual booting for this.

That said, wine tricks or playonlinux might get the job done.

wine tricks get me from error before starting to error during starting :frowning:
dual booting is not much of an option, because I would be over 90% of time on windows, so not much of help :frowning:
but thanks for answer anyway.

you could run a windows vm, or use the linux version of visual studio code.

Visual studio code is crap for C++ development do not support most of things Visual studio have. They are similar only by name.
VM still require windows copy - licence fee, run slow because of windows, so not seems as an valid option to me.

Kvm will keep cpu perf close to native, and if you were on windows you already have a license key

That license key will expire soon, so I will need new one, or get rid of windows.
I have 1950X so CPU is not a problem, windows performance is.

Since when does ms offer temporary license keys?

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I do not know, maybe since the beginning.
The key is bound to my school account.
Was same with previous school.

Their student licenses definitely weren’t temporary with w7. That’s unfortunate.

All i can say is, if you want VS, you have to use windows, in a vm or otherwise. Either way you’re purchasing another license.

eclipse and other ides can replicate a lot of the same functionality though, so your choices are to either learn a new workflow or buy that windows license.

what functionality is essential for you? A lot of people seem to really like netbeans for c++

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Have you taken a look atCLion? It’s miles ahead of Visual Studio and runs on Windows and Linux.

The only major limitation is that it currently requires you to use CMake as build system.

eclipse do not have support for Resharper (I already own that), and do not open VS projects that I need to keep up to date for other developers.
CLion does not support normal Makefile (only CMake) that we use for server builds.

Yeah, Like I said, if your heart’s set on VS + Resharper, then you can use a VM, that’s really the only option.

you’ve obviously got some sunk costs on this, so you’re always gonna have to deal with windows’ ‘slowness’

Can you tell me the technical reasons why it not run? maybe I will be able to use my programming skills to fix it.

They were even back then. You were allowed to use them indefinitely, but you were not allowed to do new installs once you were out of school.
At least that was the case here, licenses may or may not have differed based on country and/or school.

But anyway, from the sound of it it seems this is development for a workplace, right? Why don’t you get a new license for work…? I’m a little confused on that. Or is that free-time coding only?

The college I went to in the US just had license keys for like 20-30 bucks a pop, no limit.

See, mine was free and had limits instead so :smiley:

It is for personal projects, and I really want to remove widows dependency, but keep ability to compile for windows, because it is still major platform even with that many bug

If you want to compile and validate for windows, a VM is probably the best option

i’ve still got like 5 valid windows 7 keys. bought pro licenses for the whole family with the discount