[solved] How to configure 2 mice independently in linux

Hello everyone, my employer has recently suggested (rather forcefully ) that our entire team start practicing this programming technique called paired programming. This entails two or more people sitting at 1 computer with a keyboard and mouse for each. This has been a frustrating experience for me because I am left handed and prefer to use the invert clicks feature in the operating system. however because we now need to have multiple mice attached to the computer i can’t invert the clicks without inverting them for my teammates as well. as I am sure you can imagine it is a frustrating experience. So any ideas on how i can make this happen in linux? Thanks!

i am looking for a way to set up a linux computer with 2 different mice attached to it, such that one mouse has inverted clicks ( left hand mode) while the other has the traditional set up ( right handed mode)

Paired… What? Thats not even a thing. Tell your boss to stuff that hippie shit and get used to it.

your boss needs to stop being a cheap ass.
Just get some thin client’s and a nas.

Or even some laptops, is a better choice than this “technique”.

or if you really insist on using one pc, use virtualization or something like many gamers 1 cpu.

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@FaunCB @Fawkes Read up on a topic before complaining about it. Pair programming is a real thing and not used to save hardware. Telling people “your boss sucks” isn’t helpful.

@OP Your employer doesn’t seem to understand the concept though, because pair programming doesn’t need two mice/keyboards. The idea is that one person writes the code and the other one only looks at it.

I don’t know about configuring two mice on a PC, but you could try to find a mouse which allows configuring what the individual buttons do. This way the mouse will also work should you ever want to work on a different PC.


me neither, this only seems useful for students.
and otherwise a waste of human resources.
could you explain this technique?

One programmer writes the code, while another one looks over his shoulder and verifies it. The “verifier” can spot bugs and suggest better solutions. The roles are switched periodically so that neither of them gets weary of their task.

I don’t know how well it works in practice, but I can see it being useful when introducing someone to a new framework/library/language.

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Are you using libinput or udev? If you are using libinput this can be done per device. I am also left handed by my wife uses my PC every once in a while to play her games because Intel graphics do not always cut it on her laptop.

She has her own mouse that is recognized and remaps based on her preferences. (Sometimes she will just use my session instead of switching user).


It is good if you are not introverted and also you have the patience of a god. The idea is to not fall in mistakes your mind makes when you think to yourself. Having 2 people write the same code makes it better because they correct eachother … if they are both working … yeah the system has a lot of ways to be exploited.

This is exactly what I was looking for thank you!

Yeah pair programming is an interesting beast, I am trying to remain positive about it… I am hopeful that after we try this technique for a while they will listen to fair criticism. But if not software jobs are not that hard to come by lol