[solved] Help with audio drivers - Z170 Pro Gaming Mobo

I just finished building my new PC, and I downloaded the LAN, chipset, and graphics card drivers I needed (I have an ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming mobo) onto a USB drive and installed them from there. Then I went to ASUS' website to find the audio driver I needed, downloaded it, and attempted to install it. But now it just has a black text box open which says "Please wait while installing drivers. Do not turn off power or unplug the computer power during installation..." There's no progress bar or anything. I left it on overnight too, but nothing happened.

Do you all have any suggestions? Help would be appreciated, as I cannot get any sound from my PC and I would like to start playing games on it!

This is basically what it looks like.

hmm thats a bit odd.
Which OS are you running?

Asus only offers 1 audio driver, which includes sonic radar.

Sorry for no reply! But I figured out the issue. I uninstalled the driver from my new PC, and then downloaded the driver onto my USB drive from my other PC, and installed it from there. Then everything worked fine.

Nice good job.
And thanks for reporting the solution back.
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