(solved)Help me with PhysX on second gpu









Im running Asus 780ti dcu2 and Asus 750ti STRIX. 

The 750ti is basicly just to run more monitors.

But i was told that i could use my 750ti to run physx to take some stress of my 780ti? 

Can you guys help me out to understand what physx is, how it works and how to enable it if even possible?

You can enable physX in the Nvidia control panel. 

also 750ti is massive overkill for physX

As i said i bought it basicly just to run 2 extra monitors and the 750ti strix looks nice and red to match my asus rog build

So it being overkill doesnt matter but ty.

Go into the nvidia control plane by right clicking on your desktop. Under 3d settings there is menu named "Set PhysX Configuration". Use the pull down for "Select a PhysX processor" and choose your 750ti.