SOLVED Help, internet can't handle multiple users

Logan and team,

My internet connection is unstable. Sometimes when I'm the only one using the connection it stops working untill I restart the modum. When multiple users are using it my lan connection gets very slow and I get a very high ping.
 I use lan and my father and sister are using wifi with a laptop/ipad.

I think I need the modum is the issue but I'm not sure (if you think it is, do you have any suggestions for a new modum?) 

according to my internet speed is 7.81Mbps up and 0.91Mbps down.

our current modum: Speedtouch 716i v5 WL
it is connected to a switch: Netgear Prosafe GS108P  
our router is connected to the switch: Draytek VigorAp 800 
I use a Lan Cat 5E  cable that is connected to the switch and runs 25m through the house. (to get it out of sight)

Thanks in advance

the correct sequence is: modem with DHCP disabled, connected to wifi router with DHCP enabled, and the TP cables are connected to the router, you only need the switch if the router doesn't have enough TP connections, but since you're the only one on it, you probably don't.

yep, modems are bad devices to keep a network together. I had the same problem once on a cable modem. The port-to-port speeds on those things are mostly horrible. I think it doesnt seperate WAN and LAN at all, and tries to communicate all traffic towards the gateway of your ISP.

Its like having an old hub in your network instead of a swtich. It's downright horrible.

I didn't install the switch myself. I think we have the switch so we can power the router with a lan cable.
The switch is in the basement and the router is on the 1st floor. plugging my lan cable in the router is not an option. But I can plug it in the modum instead of the switch if you think that helps. 

I think the DHCP of the modum is disabled and enabled on the router. But I don't know how to check that..

Thanks for the advice. 

I have now turned off DHCP in my services. 
(the tutorial I used:
But I don't know how to turn it on in the router.

You should already be set up for DHCP, when you buy a router that is how they are set by default, if not then you or someone would have manually gone in and set static IP's in the routers and on the devices.

If you are not familiar with how to access your router settings, then you need to do some reading, this is univeral for about 99% of routers out there. The Mfg of the router should have instructions avail in pdf format usually.

It should now work. Your problem was that you were running two DHCP instances


best proof is that you are online

if it were not sorted, you wouldn't be getting an IP from your router and you wouldn't get online

The problem is that my internet is unusable when someone else is using the network. And I need to restart my modem almost every day (but I didn't have to do that this week). 
I will test the network tomorrow. I think it won't crash now but it still seems like the router gets prioritized and my speed drops significantly. Thank you for your help so far!

I don't understand what you mean by "the router gets prioritized"... do you mean that it's configured for QoS? Unless you really need that, turn it off, on most routers, QoS implementation is rather abyssmal, and really bogs down bandwidth. Some Linksys routers even become completely unsusable when there is only one QoS rule or when there are more rules but only one client is connected. QoS by router firmware basically only works well on enterprise class devices and on routers with free and open source alternative firmware.

Sorry for the vague explanation I gave. What I mean with it is: when I'm downloading for example 1gb on my phone which uses the Wi-Fi of the router and downloading 1gb on my pc which is connected to the switch my phone gets ~7 Mbps and I get ~1 Mbps. So when I'm watching a video on YouTube and my father is downloading the latest newspaper on his iPad my download abruptly stops/drops in speed significantly while my father has a fast download speed. *searching what QoS is* Yes it might be configured for Preferential QoS. I searched in the settings for a QoS option but I didn't see it. I have the factory firmware on the modem, should I install other firmware? (If so, do you have any recommendations? THOMSON ST716v5 modem) I can enable remote assistance if you think you can help. Thanks.

SOHO devices are cheap junk.  If you have to keep rebooting it it needs to go in the trash can. 

Also the problem you are talking about sounds like you just don't have enough bandwidth for both users.  Get a bigger internet package or figure out how to QoS.

Okay, I think I will get a fibre connection then. It's double the cost but it could be up to 5 times the speed. (dsl lite was 8Mbit down 1 Mbit up, fibre is 50Mbit down 50Mbit up.)  

I haven't had to restart my modem in a couple of weeks so I guess I won't have to replace it (yet). 

since I turned DHCP off it seems better..

thanks for all the advice. SOLVED