[solved] Help i destroyed something


So i have 3 SSDs and 2 HDDs in my System.
1.SSD: Linux
2.SSD: Windows Server 2016 used as Gaming OS, because why not.
3.SSD: old Win 7 install
1.HDD: Data and shit
2.HDD:All Games and stuff
HDDs always on. And Front pannel switch to switch between OS.

So Stupid Win 7 and Win Server 2016 SSDs were both loaded.
Win 7 corrupted my Server 2016 install.
Was not able to restore it back to normal. Thought it was the bootloader or some shit.
Repair with install cd didn't work. CMD commands bootrec /RebuildBcd and bootrec /fixMbr
and bootrec /fixboot didn't do shit.
Error code is 0xc00000e ( Thanks Windows)

So as i see it, i have 2 options.

  1. Someone has some magical idea to fix this os.
  2. I reinstall the OS, BUT is it possible to move all the programs with config and all to the new fresh install and migrate it. I have over 3 TB of Games on that HDD. I need to to move Steam, Origin,uplay ... without them forgetting or not accepting the old game library on my hdd. I have a 100 MBit connection that is in reality only 5 Mbit because ISP is an asshole. I really, really don't want to redownload 3 TB

I'm desperate and need Help.
Also fuck Windows. Can we please code games for Linux. If you know what your doing, Linux is so much better in every single way.


Also a construction worker destroyed "Kabel Deutschlands (ISP) Fiber in Frankfurt. From this specitic ISP 40% of the traffic is down in the whole country. Redundant infrastructure. Nope.
Not a joke. I am serios.

Live-Map looks nice though. All Red

Sorry if i'm pissed.

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I live in that little white corner far west from hamburg. Feels good.
Technology Wasteland Germany. Some day, some day this whole thing will come crashing down.

How many HDD's do you have?

If on a seperate partition you should be ok. If not then you could copy these over to another partition to hold, until you fix the OS...

Keep us posted

System destroyed, but i reinstalled and was really surprised that i could import my Steam, Origin, Uplay and GOG library without redownloading. Even the DRM stuff worked.
Copied over Data and some other programs, but i'm running again.

Windows Server 2016 works somewhat differently if it comes to system restores and boot sector restauration.
I gave up after about 8h.

Also i deleted my Win7 System and replaced it with Manjaro Budgie CE. I will try it and see if it can replace my Linux Mint. But maby i will move to KDE. Budgie looks great and fresh, but i miss a few features. And multi monitor is not so great yet. I guess it will need some time.

But case closed

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