[SOLVED] HDD prices because of mining - not seen a spike yet, but do they like SMR?

Only a curiosity really, but I wonder if prices are going to increase or availability will go the way of the GPU? Also, if they will go for the cheapest drives that have SMR and aren’t NAS types?


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The HDD mining does not gain or loose anything with dm-SMR, but the miners won’t care either way, and will just buy. I think the shortage will hit us eventually


Thanks for that @Trooper_ish :+1: I’m hoping to buy 4 x 4TB Ironwolfs and 2 x 6TB over the next 6 months or so…I’ve got to spread them out though, as that’s quite a bit of money :frowning: I’m using them for a TrueNAS main machine and TrueNAS snapshot machine.


I wouldn’t panic on the smaller ones like those for a while, but keep checking the vendor (Amazon/scan/ebuyer/whoever you buy from) every couple of weeks for price rises.

Pretty sure If the prices surge, it’ll be larger ones working down, as the £/TB is better the larger.

Probably sell out all the 16-14-12-10 TB drives, before prices start rising on 8-6-4TB?



Cheers again mate, I do check on the vendor (scan in this case) every few weeks and things haven’t changed, though the 6TB SMR drives are a bit less available than before.

That’s a good plan though, I’ll keep an eye on the larger drives, to indicate if there’s a problem - and if so, my plastic friend will buy them.


I have heard from some people that they’re seeing shortages already, but yeah it’s probably on the larger drives. Hard to say whether that’s from mining, or just the general shortages on everything at the moment.

I’m working on being a little less friendly with my plastic.

Wow that came out wrong. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I don’t know man, just what I think. Keep asking around and an eye one it. I don;t think prices will go Crazy, I presume they will just sell out.[edit: they did]

I could be wrong, and they could up all the prices.[edit:they did]

Or, there might be no problems at all.

I just think the surge pricing on the GPU’s is unusual, and Ram too.

I have all the rust drives I think I’ll need for the next couple of years (unless they start failing)


Interesting stuff, I will keep an eye out.

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to not being in bed with my plastic as much as I am, but needs must in the short term. I’m definitely going to start paying it off once my new office is up and in use - a saving of £400 a month, whoop whoop! :slight_smile:

I probably should have said credit card, to avoid double meanings…like you! :laughing:


I think you think well and logically :+1:

I hear ya though :yes:

So strange -

just as I became interested in having a NAS, the SMR/CMR scandal started.

Then as I’m learning FreeNAS, they change the bloomin’ name to TrueNAS. (in fairness, not much really changed for me)

Then when I actually needed a decent GPU for VR (work related), the prices went mental or it was just effort to get hold of one.

If it weren’t for the majority of my ‘life components’ being fairly OK, I would say FML :laughing:


Yeah I’m glad I did my upgrades when I did. I should be set for now. I’ve got enough gadgets and books here to keep me busy for quite some time.

Hmm, I think I said that around this time last year also. :thinking:


Crypto coins at this point are a few rich people realizing they can put a tax on consumer hardware in a roundabout way.

Want a gpu or hard drive? Gonna have to put it to work and maby it’ll won’t cost as much in the end, while someone else makes bank from their pre-mined bullshit. Like a fucked up digital feudalism. “Pay me 50% of your gpu’s work, serf”.


Fair play, sounds like you plan a year in advance…I aspire to that :smiley:


Yeah, so glad I’ve had all the hard drives I’ve needed for the past year, plus 4 spares.

As a datahoarder this would be a very painful time otherwise.


Pretty much, it’s a bit sad really. :frowning:

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Just a heads up guys, I’m over here on asia and my favorite store just got cleared of large capacity drives. All the 4TB+ capacity is just out of stock and delisted. The 500GB-2TB seems to be still in stock…


It’s always good to have a contact in Asia :+1: Thank you very much for that, very helpful :clap:

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Not to be a dick but I would probably get stock before it loses them… (Sad flashback to late 2020 GPU shortage)

Yup I should have gotten that 5700XT before the prices got stupid.

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Not a dick at all, I’d really like to get some drives, but I just can’t justify it right now :frowning:

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There was a section of one of the latest GN News’s that’s said they are selling out in Asia and prices are starting to rise there.

I suspect if the supply gets tight prices will just go up because at this stage everyone and the mum has heard about chip shortages, even common folk because it has been made such a large thing, that storage people will ride the wave of charging more because they can.

It has not happened just yet but if this takes off I suspect within a months or two you just won’t be able to get them.


I just checked my usual 2nd hand marketplace and can confirm, some prices are now pretty much 100% MSRP for used HDD