[Solved] GTX 1070 overclock - I'm not satisfied

So my new EVGA GTX 1070 SC is a fantastic upgrade from my 2GB 770 but I feel like I got robbed because of a seemingly strange & lackluster amount of clockability.

I've got +50 Mhz on top of the factory OC for 2.0 Ghz boost
and 4.4 ghz on the memory.

The thing is, my power target is 112% max, Far Cry 4 and GTAV give me 63 C consistently.
I feel like I've got more headroom.. So why can't I get there?

Please note, I have very little knowledge about adjusting voltage manually so I played it safe and didn't do that.

I'm new to the forums and Overclocking, so if anyone has any constructive criticism or a few words on adjusting voltage, I would be happy to hear it.

Most 1070s are 1830-1870mhz for the boost clock from factory. So if yours was 1950mhz then they already clocked the CRAP out of it so a extra 50mhz, I'm not surprised. In special cases some people can get ~2.1ghz from the 1070.

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Have you tried letting Nvidia's Boost 3.0 in EVGA's software to do the overclocking? The Boost 3.0 is so good it will boost most Pascals to 2.0+Ghz.

Thanks for the quick responses.
I haven't messed with the new V/F curve; just good ol' Precision X 16 style. That's for the same reason as my refraining from manual voltage increase: I don't understand it enough to feel comfortable with it.

its already overclocked...

and Nvidia will automatically boost to the optimum past the already overclocked spec...

Use afterburner and monitor your boost clocks dynamicly and you will see it is overclocking itself past its factory overclock. With Nvidia there is no need to overclock it will do it better itself

I have the top tier FTW version and i can even add 50mhz to the clock without GTA crashing, but if I let Boost 3.0 do it dynamically it will boost easily another 120mhz+

I am letting GPU boost 3 do its thing. I monitor my card's specs in game; I see it go up and down. I just think there's something missing

what is missing?

what has been your highest sustained boost?

above 2050-2060 mhz, i get artifacts and flickering. and my GPU boost doesnt seem to like anything between 2000 and 2050 mhz. so 2ghz has been my highest stable clock, besides the odd 2013, it likes increments of 13

If you're not playing with voltages you're not really overclocking much.

I don't think anything you can adjust with the hard limits NV sets can damage your card in any way regardless.

But you wont gain much anyhow as pascal maxes out at around 2000mhz anyhow, going the extra mile for 1-2% with much higher temps isn't worth it.

well whats wrong with that? not many people are getting 2.1ghz

It seems only people getting higher than you have founders cards, although Nvidia havent said it, It seems they are binned.

2ghz is still probably twice the frequency you were getting before

This thread got me thinking a bit more about it, so I did some research and used the new auto V/F curve in the scanner. It auto sets the "clock offset" frequency for each voltage point, so I'm getting a stable +100 rather than a +50, so I guess It's solved! Now GPU boost is less consistent, but it's stable between 2.05 - 2.1 Ghz. And I could probably bring it a bit higher in the future with further tinkering.
GPU Boost 3.0 is alive and well

Didn't read all the comments, but I'll say this...
2GHz is the norm. The chip rarely gets higher than that, so it's just OK. Not great, but keep in mind you are running your card outside it's specs. So you can't really complain that there is not much of a headroom.
From what I gathered, the new GPU Boost 3 is killing the need of overclock. It basically raises the frequency as much as possible, so I don't see the issue here. 2GHz is nice. More would have been great. Now it's just OK...

GPU boost 3 is a bit fickle but I was able to boost up to between 2060 - 2100 mhz upon doing some more tweaking. That's about 400 mhz above stock advertised boost clock! So yeah, I'm feeling much better about it.

I suppose my gripe wasn't clocks, it was that it just seemed a bit lazy

2075 hmz and +450 on the ram msi after burner 1070 , i want the golden 2100 , got a score of 2387 on heaven , but my old rig with a 670 and a 2nd gen 17 got 2000 i fell ripped off 1070 seahawk

It's because heat is no longer holding us back. My 4790k does 4.8GHz at 1.29v and heats up to about 67c under load, with a custom loop, but it won't do 5GHz at ANY voltages. My 980ti hits 38c at stock and 47c at 1550mhz, but won't do 1600mhz.

ive got an asus 1080-O8g on water
it will hit 2100 but not really a hair more than that b4 bsod

I don't understand the obsession about 2.1ghz other than bragging rights in your forum sig. Isn't there very little benefit between 2050Mhz and 2100Mhz?

jack diddly
i think people just like the sound of two-point-one gigahertz

at STOCK my card was at like 2050
scratch that