[Solved]Friend forgot to turn pump on corsair h100i

So me and my friend we were building his PC, and he did the wiring because I hate wiring.
The thing is he forgot to power the pump on of the corsair h100i on the power supply and turned the PC on.
We were getting a lot of errors on the mobo and it wasnt detecting the cpu and it didnt boot at the first time.
Did he friy his cpu? We can't check it because we sent the PC to an IT company to figure out what is happening.

The mobo is the same as mine a maximus formula VI.
I think that those mobos can't allow it to fry because they are super new and new mobos detect high temps and shut the pc down.


Hm. Never send it to an IT company before you ask for help, as whatever help you receive will be useless for a while. Anyways, If the IT company cant "fix" it, then you should check to make sure everything is plugged in where it is suppose to be. Also make sure you put on thermal paste for the CPU. As long as it was not run for too long, the CPU might have survived. Good luck.

It didnt run for more than 10 minutes and never went to full load.
We turned the PC on several times but was for less than 1 minute!

it's probably alright. the cpu could not have exceeded 100c. the energy required for phase change is too great.

That is a relief, cheers mate!

Should be good then. Hopefully the IT company does not screw it up.

I am skyping him right now, so he call them tomorrow as soon as possible and tell them to plug the pump on!

The cpu is working and OCed cheers!

That's good!