SOLVED FPS Overlays in Ubuntu?


I am new here and tried my hardest to find the best section to post this in. Also used search.

I was wondering if there is a program native to Ubuntu that will be able to measure the FPS output of gameplay? I have a channel on youtube that I post raw capture footage. I thought it would be nice to have a global program that I can over lay on top of the game to show FPS. Is this a per game basis?


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If you are using Steam, go to Settings > In-Game and check the box to show fps.

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This pretty much.

And this also works for non-steam games if you added them to steam.

In case you are playing games through WINE with DXVK or D9VK, you can enable FPS (and also Frametimes and a lot of other statistics) by using environment variables for them.


Is pretty much my go to, except for singleplayer stuff where I just disable it alltogether.



Thank you!