[Solved] Forcing NVidia Cards to specific FPS

Hey guys,


since i got my new PC I love to play some graphic intense games.

Most of them are running butter smooth @ lovely 60 FPS, caped by VSync, because I really hate Tearing..

Some other games, like Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag which I'm playing atm, are not running as well as i wish. But the solution FOR ME is to cap the FPS @ 30.

I can force this with the Nvidia System Tool. Function is called adaptiv VSync (Half FPS) or something like that.

The only problem that I have is when I'm playing AC4, everything's running stable with 30 FPS, and then the FrameRate is raising at about 33-35 FPS. The Problem here is that I can see a bit stuttering.


Soooo... The point is, that i expected the Adaptive VSync with half FPS to literaly FORCE the game to running with 30 FPS....

Or do i missunderstand the function?

Also tried the Pre-Buffered frames function with no success.


Hope u guys can help me with that.

No, Adaptive V-Sync essentially turns V-sync on when it is needed and turns it off when it is not; the result tends to be negligible stuttering or very minor screen tears (actually they look quite different than your average screen tear, they more appear as a "wave" than a tear - but regardless, these are rarely noticeable)


The best thing to do, if you don't know what you are doing is probably to leave most of the functions to default in the nVidia control panel and utilizing nVidia's Nvidia Experience software to optimize the game for you. If you go into the advanced controls, I would advise that you research some of the controls in the tools panel before fiddling with them.


As for buffering; knowing what your card is would help. While on the technical side of things I have found little information on how the card handles buffering, but I am assuming like most things, it's just storing a cache as the buffer off the v-ram, meaning it may be an effective solution only if you have a GPU with a large amount of spare v-ram to use (most games on Ultra only demand between 3GB and 4) And as far as I am aware SLI does not utilize the extra v-ram, it only utilizes the processing power, so just because you could have 2 2GB GPUs, doesn't necessarily mean you have a 4GB buffer.





Re-reading your topic I noticed you were talking about the "Pre-rendered frames" option. If you read the tool tip it mentions that this limits the frame buffer (essentially it cuts the buffer in half) to reduce latency for VR headsets. This function should be left to it's default "1" if you are playing on a desktop.

Once again, I encourage that you do your research with these functions before fiddling with them.



Thanks for the quick answer.

So i got a GTX 770 from Inno3D with 2 GB ...

What i am searching for, is a function, which forces the game to render with just 30 FPS, so a do not have any fps changes. Because this is the main reason to let the Game look "not smooth". 

SO the game needs a lot of resoruces and when i want the level of graphic quality i can't handle it with 60 fps permanently. So I admin it to play it like on a console with stable 30 FPS.


Maybe you or somebody can help me with my quest :P


Thanks in regards...

Well, i found a solution for this ..... 

simple as that there is a little tool called "NVidia Înspector".

Here you can setup nearly everything you want from your GraphicsCard. 

Here is a little tutorial of this tool on youtube...... with fancy music. ;)



Hope anyone can work with this.


Thank you MrFlyte.