[Solved... For now.]Netflix restricted to 540p on some Linux browsers (Chrome and Chromium affected)

It seems at least for Netflix that the issue resolved itself. Maybe a backend change fixed what happened for Chrome and Chromium.

However, people using the extension I listed still get the same symptoms, as the user agent check has gotten a lot more strict.

That’s kinda getting off topic. Let’s keep it focused on the original topic.

Same to you, @TimHolus

what does the extension do?

It used to unlock 1080p Netflix to Chrome and Firefox. But player changes and user agent check changes have broken it.

Ah, like where 4k is restricted to windows+edge or whatever?

Yes, but that involves an additional HDCP 2.2 check in the code and no one has been able to fool the JS core player to give the data for the 4K streams. 1080p is fine though. Safari can do 1080p in addition to Edge.

To give you an idea how large the code for the JS core player for Netflix is… It’s approaching 4MB of code.

4 MEGABYTES of JavaScript.

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4 MiB of obfuscated/minified/uglified JS. Probably more like 10 MiB at the source with commends.

That’s a lotta scripts!

Honestly, could be more than 10MiB. I’ve seen better compression ratios than that.

Oh yeah, most of Netflix stack is on Nodejs now.

In the OG days they had a Java backend xD

Oh man, we have a java backend at work.

32 fucking gigabytes of ram.

That’s the absolute minimum for running the dev stack.

And by that, I mean 32 gigabytes available

So we have to buy laptops with 64GB of ram for our devs.

Java. Not even once.

For some reason, they think it’s a good idea to do microservices in Java.

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Java needs to stop being relevant, and strop trying to say people still use it.

I watched like the first 5 minutes of a Java presentation about how its trying to stay relevant in the browser space and I was “hahahah fuck this shit nope”.

Unfortunately, it will survive as long as schools keep teaching it. But I theorize that it will die just like perl did.

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Oversteers into the ditch of off topic.

I love you guys.


Jeez, so it’s obfuscated Javascript… that’s even worse.

And of course the decryption isn’t just of the video stream in this case, it has to decrypt the player core as well…

The post production industry still uses poorly written Java programs to import video footage. The worst offender is from Convergent Design:


Notice how the Mac version in one of those has TWO Java versions to pick from.

For some reason, my high school switched to Java from c++ for real-time microcontroller programming.

I’m gonna stop volunteering. I don’t want to encourage the evil empire.


That’s definitely odd.

Obfuscation is in essence encryption, so there needs to be an API to deobfuscate the commands, which acts as decryption.

Update: Seems Netflix has reverted their changes for now, and the 1080p plugin works again on TV shows.

Though because the player core and Widevine will never find HDCP compliance on Linux, the other half of the SD only equation is that all Movies use an ICT:

It’s principal has been carried forward to streaming services. In the event one part of the pipeline doesn’t support HDCP, you get SD only.

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hahaha no its not. Its standard practice for anyone using webpack these days. Its because it increases performance by a very noticeable amount in large code bases.

But yeah I feel you on that other one.

I am in manjaro, and with chromium and firefox without ANY addon. There are like… 90 percent of titles NOT original that are capped in linux to 540p. It’s a shame from netflix Pay a service that gives you … DVD quality in 2020 is a shame.
Browsers without addons eh! and there is no way to play in more than 540p…