[Solved] File Server

i got openmediavault setup on the machine. VERY lightweight will have to upgrade my cpu before I run out of ram. ram idles at about 4-5% usage and cpu stays at about 20-30% usage. If you know to get wifi and ethernet to spilt bandwidth let me know. ethernet is 10/100 connection so i dont get good very read/writes.

I think this might be what you're looking for, since OMV is based on Debian: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/debian-ubuntu-teaming-aggregating-multiple-network-connections.html

ok thanks try to get it setup at home.

Teaming won't work with a wired and wireless connection. And you need to be connected to a managed switch for it to work anyway.

If you have a PCI slot just grab a cheap gigabit card and use that.

thats what im going to do when i get money. but for now i need to get better speeds.

Not much else you can do I'm afraid.

oh well i found a pci gigabit card for about 10-20 dollars. will have to wait. until then thank you all.

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