[SOLVED] Figuring out the movie

Hello! I've been trying to figure out a movie, title, that I've seen long time ago. Could somebody help me?

I don't remember, what actors took part of that movie, but it was an action movie.
There were 2 pilots, that ejected over at enemy border, 1 of them got killed, while the other one watched the whole situation on some kind of cliff.
The last pilot was being hunted. I think the bad guys spoke Russian or something.
The last pilot also went back to ejected seat and tried to call for help with the phone attached to the seat.

Does anyone recognize that movie?


The movie name is "Behind Enemy Lines"

Thanks @Taco_Bell

Behind Enemy Lines:

Thanks! It is the movie I was looking for! I remember watching it a long time ago, but didn't remember any actors or the name of the movie. You just saved me from a lot of headache.