[SOLVED] Far Cry 4 [PC] keeps crashing!

Yeah, this is happening too often to ignore. so i'm playing a far Cry 4 mission and suddenly at the end I get the "Far Cry 4 has stopped working" message. It started off with the Yogi mission (which I can abort and do later), but then it went into a campaign mission i'm forced to do (End of Act 2). So I get to the part and I see this Yeti thing in the distance. then i get the message. I can't abort the mission and this is pissing me off. I need some help

...any solutions?

Best bet is to wait for a patch..... or not buy ubisoft games the game is buggy

So I also had this problem:

Possible solutions.

1. I have save files for immediately after the crash. [email protected] or I uploaded them to a free server http://wikisend.com/download/509626/Profile.zip

2. Back up saves. Uninstall. Reinstall using ALI123 crack. Replace saves

I read somewhere if you just keep trying it will work. It did for me following solution 2.

This post is pretty old. After I posted that, I got a patch that corrupted all of my save data. I uninstalled it and I have no plans of playing it again.