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[Solved]Does anyone know of an hdmi dummy display that supports [email protected]?

My current monitor only has a display port that is hooked up to my host and a hdmi input which is only capable of 50hz that I currently have plugged into the guest. This is limiting the updates per second to 50 it seems which makes sense because the physical display can only take 50hz

I ended up getting one that did [email protected] and at half res it can run 100hz.

If you passthrough an Nvidia gpu, create a custom resolution in the Nvidia Control Panel. If you have an AMD gpu, you can use CRU for creating custom resolution (CRU should also work on Nvidia). The cool thing about looking-glass with a dummy plug is that you can set it up for any resolution that your GPU can do, irrelevant of what is connected to it. The plug is just presenting an EDID device to the card but doesn’t have a specific resolution limit.

The option to add a custom resolution is grayed out
image Im just looking for a dummy plug that supports it so I can run it at 100hz instead of 50

I think that’s because the EDID is “full” and you can’t add another one to it because of that.

You probably need to delete a resolution and then add [email protected] with the cru utility:

Thank you that program was really helpful