(SOLVED) Csgo refuses to install on linux

hey im trying to install csgo on my laptop but when i click install and it opens up the page where it downloads it comes up with a error say "an error occurred while installing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (invalid depot config)

How did you install steam?
What version of steam are you running? (i.e. beta, or stable)

im running the stable version and i installed it through ubuntu software manager im running ubuntu gnome 15.10

try this

from the terminal try

steam --reset


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yeah that seems to have fixed it cheers :D

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Yay :D

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If you like, edit your title and ass [solved] in case anyone else has the problem.

and my wifi speed has died :( was at 800KB/S now at 100KB/S :(

Hm, if its an issue, make a new topic for it so people will see it. Post details of the wifi card, what its normally like, check interference (you can use wifi analyser on android), some crappy ISP routers aren't great, I had to set mine to a specific channel instead of auto.

well it is the one plusnet give you ive been trying to get my parents to buy a new one but they wont :(

One thing to try is to go to the wifi settings of the router and change channel selection from auto to a specific channel.

will try that now