SOLVED: Critical Failure, Need Help! PC turns on and immidiately off

Yeah, I guess I should have looked into who the OEM was for Corsair when I bought it.

I opened a ticket with Corsair and will RMA for a new PSU and then sell it.

Picked up this, hopefully I’ll have better luck with this one.

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Can’t go wrong with Seasonic, my X-750 is approaching 10 years and still going strong.

It only comes with a 7 year warranty, so you might want to consider replacing it some time.
This might give you an interesting insight:

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That’s pretty cool… 10 years later and the little guy is just humming along.

What I didn’t see discussed is hours of run-time on each PSU… I guess we could assume that they were all on and running about the same number of hours, but, they could just as easily have been running over the past 10 years for vastly different amounts of time.

Cool report though, and as a new owner of a seasonic psu, I’ll take the confirmation bias and say I got the best lol


Well i’m not worried tbh, i might replace it when i upgrade this year but just going by the voltages that my mobo is reporting(i know i know), mine is doing better than the unit in the article.

But i’ll keep an eye on it, i’ll probably hook up a multimeter and double check. Even if it were to go poof i reckon a unit of this quality has good enough protection circuitry.

Mine has seen daily use with about ~50% loads at most when gaming. It has been through several builds.


Why replace what is not broken?

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Maybe I’m just overly cautious but the PSU can take all other parts down with it when it decides to crap out.
Sure, this can happen with a PSU that’s still under warranty too but at least then you’d get the PSU replaced. One part less to buy in a worst case scenario.

Replacing it has the worst case outcome of “you got a known good spare”.
Caution vs cost, it is a quality component after all.

Personally, I’d choose caution. Especially when I’m already planning to upgrade my system. Having a spare PSU is really practical (especially when you know you can trust it, instead of getting a $5 Diablotek cause you need one ASAP for troubleshooting).