{Solved} [Continuous Log] Linux and windows on a laptop

I just got a new laptop and wanted to try out linux but somewhere i heard that i can install it along side windows and now i cant find where i heard that so was wanting some advice.


Yeup. You can.

try out linux mint cinnamon. Download it, burn it to a flash drive, and then boot to the flash drive.

Then partition your hard drive to give linux some room to install.




It's called dual booting. It's not that difficult. The first step is choosing a Linux distribution (I'd recommend Ubuntu or Mint).
There are lots of guides out there but if you run into any problems, I'm sure we'll be able to help.

I'm on firefox and went to download it and it doesn't give me a option to chose where i download it to. Am i doing something wrong

which distro are you trying to download?

linux mint http://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=2947 using the new zealand link

try this link


new zealand link is close to the bottom

Its just going to auto download to your downloads folder.

IDK why it does that.

You could try the torrent though which will let you choose the download location.

Just keep scrolling down to torrents.

there is also torrent link right at the top under information about this edition

its still auto downloading ill try use chrome to do it

Go to Disk management and shrink the Windows Partition so you can use the free space to install Linux. Download rufus to help burn the .iso image of Linux Mint. There are tons of tuts for this on the web

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In firefox under options you can change where files download to by default. You could choose from there.

finally got linux downloading to the right place.
I'll keep you guys updated

Good Luck. We'll be here !

i've been downloading it for a few hours and its still not finished.
Makes you wish you lived somewhere with fast internet

The torrents are fast...

to late now im getting rufus now and then will try boot it

I'm a bit stuck I've got linux and a usb drive that have rufus on it and now I've no idea what to do and the instructions aren't clear

come on people im desperate to get this going