[Solved] Cheap but solid 8" tablet for reading manga

So, I’m window shopping for a cheap but solid ( = no ancient specs) tablet for reading manga.
The market seems a bit shit right now, as even - what I would consider - lower end or entry-level tablets cost a bit more than what I’d like to spend for a simple reading device.

Use case: well, reading manga. I’ll use a manga reading app installed via a 3rd party appstore. So it should allow side-loading (afaik it can be done but for example installing the Google Play Store will void the warranty).


  • 8" screen, not larger or smaller
  • an adequate resolution (min. 1280x720), if possible 4:3 or 16:10 aspect ratio so the black bars are kept as small as possible (see example)
  • 2GB RAM preferred (if you think 1GB would be plenty for my use case that’s fine for recommendations)
  • 16GB ROM + microSD slot
  • Android 5.1 or higher (I’m not one for flashing custom roms)
  • not being shit (like really poor build quality or shit, buggy software, no tablets that are known to be shit, a cheap price doesn’t make up for that)
  • decent battery life (4000mAh doesn’t matter if it gets drained in no time)
  • NO dual-boot with Windows 10, just Android

Budget: I’ll expect a total cost of ~150-200€ (including a case/sleeve and maybe a 64GB microSD if the 32GB one I have lying around doesn’t suffice).

There’s no shortage of tablets that meet my requirements but they’re expensive (250€+ Samsung tablets) or have some shortcomings that break the deal (usually lesser/unknown brands with little to no user reviews).
If it helps with seeing what’s available to me, I’d buy from Amazon Germany (still no 100% guarantee cause not all ship here).

Thanks in advance for any recommendation. I might take some time until I actually buy one (and even then it might be some completely different tablet).

Unfortunately I don’t have a recommendation with first hand experience but the reviews look fairly solid.

Unfortunately, 16:10

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The Huawei tablets seem to do fairly well.
16:10 is no an issue as the black bars are smaller than on 16:9 and good, cheap 4:3 are rare.

I’ll add that one to my list. Thanks.

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