[Solved] Can't get Wake-On-LAN to work


I’m trying to get WOL to work over the local network but so far without any luck.

I have:

  • Enabled WOL in the BIOS of the PC I want to wake
  • Enabled WOL for the NIC in the Device Manager on Windows 10 (both under the Advanced as well as the Power Management tab)
  • Checked that the NIC (Intel 82579LM) is using the appropriate Intel driver
  • Tried different tools to send the magic packet (Official MS PowerShell script, Nirsoft WakeMeOnLAN and Depicus Wake On Lan)
  • Verified using network monitor that the package is received and that it looks as expected
  • Verified that I am using the correct MAC address of the target
  • Tried to put the target PC to sleep and wake it, this works but still no luck when it’s powered off

Despite this nothing happens when I try to wake it up and now I’m sort of lost in terms of further troubleshooting.
Can any of you help me progress further here?


It turns out that the target PC must be powered off for some time before it is possible to wake it up, likely 10 minutes or so. Trying to wake it shortly after shutdown won’t work. This seems to be the case with the three target PCs I’ve tried.

First, have you tried using packet capture (Wireshark) to see if the WOL packets are reaching your computer?

One thing I had to disable to get WOL to work in Windows 10 was fast startup, both in the BIOS and in Windows. I’d recommend disabling fast startup then trying WOL.

Yeah I did verify that the packet is received by the target PC.

Will take a look at the suggestion related to fast startup, thanks! :slight_smile:

Have you enabled the network stack in bios?

Yeah, it’s enabled.

I think I’ve found out what the problem is.
If I power off the target PC and try to wake it after a minute or two then nothing happens, but if I leave it powered off for some time (maybe 10 minutes, not sure exactly how long is needed) then it works as expected.

Pretty odd that it works like that, hmm…

Oh, nice you got it working though. Reminds me, I’ve got a router set to power on when power comes back if it shuts off during a thunderstorm. It works, but now the power on button doesn’t work (-:

Just to add some information to this topic.
WOL is very dependent on the state you shut down your machine. Most consumer system can only utilize WOL if the system is completely shut down. That means it can’t be in any slumber or sleep state. It has to be shut down correctly and “Allow wake from PCI/PCI-e devices” enable in bios.

More on the different states of power: