[Solved] Can somebody motivate me to install Gentoo

I need a pep-talk to install Gentoo. I really want to install it but due being human and sadly not a super awesome cyborg. I want to replace my entire Fedora desktop with Gentoo (just not a Arch guy), but i just keep stalling to do so. Am afraid i will be busy 1-2 months perfectionizing it and don't do any work.

And i know the basics of Linux. I just don't know whats keeping me from just starting and do it. It cant be that different then Slackware? (to support it yourself)

I don't think I can actually motivate you... Why'd you want to switch from Fedora to Gentoo? If you need extra motivation to make the switch then I'd reconsider if you actually gain anything from switching.

You prolly will be.

Why exactly do you want gentoo? (help me help you to get motivated...)

indeed that's whats spinning in my head. I always come back to fedora because they always seam to be the best OS in my eyes they always implant the latest technology etc.

Replacing my main machine. Center of my home. Getting to understand more of systems. It's sometimes like Gentoo/lfs/slackware/arch. That you learn more and that Fedora just is like hit dnf and hope it works and if not go the website download the source code and hit compile.

Maybe i just look wrong towards operating systems. I always try to restrain myself not to go to deep in something that should be easy...

Be prepared to spend all your CPU cycles compiling everything other than core packages from source. I don't understand Gentoo...

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It sounds to me like migrating your daily driver to gentoo is a poor decision since you don't have lots of time to throw at it.

If you want to learn more about gentoo, I recommend getting a second drive or even a whole separate computer to experiment/play with.

well i did say this....

But yeah might be deeply my inner soul begging for mercy. Installing it inside Qemu is just like real experience right? (lost lot of my hardware due moving, cant afford expansion).

You will get through the install, get frustrated at having to compile everything, and delete it.


If you're asking then you're not motivated, just my 2 c. Mess around with it in a virtual machine or old hardware instead of

Since that's something you should consider not when you know Gentoo, but rather when you master Gentoo.

If you're dying to get out of fedora for some reason, try Debian. It's not as bleeding edge and will be much more stable.

Oh no not trying to get out of Fedora if i wanted less bleeding edge i would have used CentOS.

Yeah that's what keeping me from starting.

Its bit how my brain works. My motivation works differently then others.
But @eidolonFIre solved by saying first to mesh around with it on a different device. Its really weird i couldn't solve that on my own. This kind of helped me soo ty :D

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Could always add the Debian testing repo and live dangerously


how about .... no


"Linux from scratch".... I can't even imagine....

Lots of cherry picking from git repo's? Would using a distro's published repo still count as "from scratch?".


wow.... would be a fun project some day.

I would love to watch @wendell live stream building his own linux from scratch...