[SOLVED] Can I reinstall windows 10 after downgrade to 7?

Hello guys,

I recently downgraded from windows 10 pro to 7 pro due to some drivers incompatibilities. The downgrade process made my system incredibly unstable so that I decided to go for a fresh install of my windows 7 pro. But after a few weeks, I didn't get the "Upgrade to windows 10" icon. Does it mean I'm not eligible anymore or I only need to install Windows 10 again (through the usb installation) since my 7 pro code is also a 10 pro code?

Thank you!

Microsoft has your Hardware ID's stored on their servers, so you should be able to do a clean install of windows 10 from a usb drive. Just skip the Product Key input during the installation process and wait for windows to automatically activate itself once it's done installing.

Thank you,
not sure when I'll try this, but I'll keep that in mind.

Also, it is really difficult to find infos about this online...

No you can't upgrade your Win 7 to 10. You have to make a clean install of 10 with a valid Win 10 Key. I upgraded a customers PC to 10 then downgraded to Win 7 again and then you can not upgrade to 10

that is really unfortunate, though I cannot find any information at all about it on the microsoft website, not inside the customer q&a...

You can upgrade fine. Microsoft want your data and will bend over backwards to have you on 10. The problem is if you use your windows 7 product key to go to 10 it will not let you install windows 7 again with the key. The old key becomes a window 10 key.

So there is that catch.

The fact is that, I first reverted to 7 but since the process made my computer unstable, I made a clean installation of 7 pro using my key (that was coverted to a win 10 key), no problem.

Anyway, in a few days I'll try to install Win 10 from usb and see if my code is still valid and let you know guys what is the result.

Thats cool I was going on what I read about upgrading. I switched to linux so I only know what I read.

I upgraded again to Windows 10 and there is no problem whatsoever, seems I can upgrade from 7 to 10 every time I want if the computer's hardware is the same.