[solved] BIOS Won't post, red CPU LED light on

Motherboard : asus p9x79

CPU i7 4930k

Just finished my build.  Powered the system on.  At first power on it turns on briefly then powers down.  Subsequent power ups remain on, however computer won't post.  Fans spin, harddrive initializes, but red cpu led light persists.

I have read that this cpu requires an updated bios, could that trigger the red led light?  Am I causing any harm to the cpu if this light is on?  I've verified all connections, and am now troubleshooting with only having the mobo and cpu plugged in to the PSU.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


According to the Asus website that board supports USB bios flash so you don't need a cpu to do it at all. You should flash flash the bios then give it another shot.  It is possible that the bios would cause this issue. Hope this helps please report back! 

Yes, ended up flashing the bios through USB and everything posted properly and system is working.

USB flash is awesome, too bad Asus documentation isn't better...or the bios could say "no cpu recognized" or something.


Sorry for the slow reply.