[SOLVED]Behind two routers, can't configure second one

My PC's run behind two routers. My set up is as follows.


[Cable modem/router combo:]------------[DD-wrt router:]---[PC's]

The ddwrt router is used for wifi, as well as ethernet.

I have the ddwrt router set to passthrough DHCP from the modem, and its gateway set to

Now, when connected to the network via the dd-wrt router, I CAN connect to the modem via "" But I can NOT connect to the secondairy router, the dd-wrt one, via "". Chrome says it can not connect.

My static IP is set as follows.

I have also tried setting my Gateway to, with no luck. as well as automatic configuration.

The dd-wrt router allows me to connect to it until I change it's IP address to Then it does not allow the connection.

Can anyone help me out? I'm usually pretty network savvy. 

disconnect the dd wrt from cable modem router then restart the dd wrt router?

Aha! I got it working. I just needed to disable wan connection type, and set the router to "router" mode instead of gateway.

I don't know how I overlooked that to begin with.