[solved] Audio technica 500x or 700x and closed or open design help urgent ?!

I've made my final choice on my brand of headphone always loved British German and Japanese headphones but prefer the Jap overall.

Now the decision on the type. I've locked down the 2 models and just need help on the

500v700 and open v closed choice.

I use these at home while gaming. Editing and basic audio mixing. On the bus in the car and at uni in common areas where sometimes can be loud or whisper quiet.

I've used open drivers on the plantronic 500 E gaming headset and loved them but I don't want to have feedback via my blue yetti or modmic and disrupt other student while I edit in class.

How much leakage is there really as the plantronic was Minimal.

700, open.

would the open be a big problem with my circumstances?

I have the ATH-AD500X
Openback becuase overall better soundstage.

Oh, okay. Closed might make more sense then...

yea :(

i will add the reason im buying headphones over my IEM 70 from audio tech is the IEM are not letting my ears breath and are causing infections, even with cleaning both my ears and the IEM after use etc.

so for breathing id go open, but not really knowing how much would be blasting out into the world i don't want to purchase something that might not be in compatible

ah fuck it. im ordering the 700x open lol. damn u barnucles and ur HD800 video :( !!!!!


Closed version = Better bass response, and clearer sound under noisy environment, but at the cost of soundstage. From my experience, a good earcup and driver design will make even a closed-cans sound like an open back headphones. My Alpha Prime are perfect example of this.

Open version = Wider soundstage at the cost of less bass and only performs best at a quieter noise ambient environment. Even the slightest buzz from airconditioner or PC fan can affect sound experience because of open back design, so your mileage may vary. But, it has the added experience of being totally aware of your surroundings, if someone tries to break into your house, or a delivery package that requires signature (otherwise it will get rescheduled for delivery) you won't miss it.

They are best for home use only, Sorry, did not read that you would be travelling with them. In this case get closed back.

I have the 900X and I love them.

ok assuming i do not use them while traveling will they bother others if i use them nearby in say class?

Only if they don't like your music.

i ordered the 700x open just now, honestly i do not care if others hate it, other people on the train or bus do it so why shouldnt i be part of the issue u no?

and with uni? well im grateful that the campus has a tech den lockup where u can check out headphones etc so if someone does ge tthe shits i guess i can just borrow a pair or just use my IEM i still have

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Using open-back headphones on public can destroy your hearing because more often than not you're listening to them louder than you perceive them to be because of the ambient noise from your environment.

Here, I'll echo what's been said about it at Head-Fi forums:

Problem with open-air headphone, is when you're in a place where you need to turn them up louder to overcome the ambient noise in the background in order to hear the music.

Prolonged exposure to high volume is what usually causes hearing loss, and it's hard for a person to realize that they're doing that to themselves. You can be listening at a volume level that you don't find to be painful, but listening at that volume level for an extended period of time can still cause hearing loss.

As long as ambient noise is not an issue, it is simply a question of volume level itself. If you're in a noisy environment, closed headphones are far better for your hearing than open headphones... if the closed headphone provides enough isolation.

Case in point, CD3000 is closed, but it doesn't give you that much isolation anyway, it's just slightly better than open-air.

Open headphones are no problem even when using a mic. You just need the right mic. The modmic is probably much better at cancelling out noise than the blue yeti. But even when using that it shouldn't be too bad. That Jacksepticeye ... guy on youtube, he is using the Fidelio X1 which is wide open and his sound is very clean.

Of course, it helps to be just way louder than your headphones.

I was too late to influence a purchase here - and this is likely beyond the budget of the OP, BUT...

I recently started using the Hifiman Edition S... why? Well, other than solid sound and great comfort, they have BOTH open and closed back design. Perfect for when I am moving from noisy environments to quiet ones.

That said, mounting the ModMic has been interesting. I mounted it on the earcup as normal, but the problem is if I want to use a mic + open back I need to rethink it :) I haven't figured that out yet... probably attach it just above the earcup instead.

Just an idea for anyone with a $250 budget and the need for both open and closed back headphones at different points during the day.

technically the store has to transfer the item across state and arrives in like 24 hours. depending on australian pricing :)

so i got my 700x today very happy and almost none of the common " comfort" fixes are required looks like my head is big enough maybe too big as i can feel the wings haha.

the stage is very wide i didnt think it was this open feeling. far better then the open drivers ont he rig 500 e gaming headset from plantronics.