[Solved] Anyone have El Capitan DMG?

Well, unfortunately I am not able to download the El Capitan through the App Store as it says "Your device or id cannot be verified". I've talked with apple support, and they were really no help. So I am looking to see if anyone has the El Capitan DMG file on their mac that they can post on some type of bit torrent type thing or somewhere I can download it. This is for a Early 2013 Macbook Pro. Has no internet wifi, only ad on TP Link card, and no internet ethernet. Any help is appreciated.

I don't have a DMG that I downloaded myself, but you can try this link.

Thanks for trying, but that just reverts me back to the App store. Which won't allow me to log in, but i can log into itunes and log directly into apple.com. Maybe someone still has their DMG installer left over in their applications folder.

You can usually torrent it just make sure it's labelled "clean" install from a verified user. I've done it a few times and it seemed to work okay. Maybe try the tonymax86 site/forum if you are adverse to using a torrent site.

No Problem using torrents. I just figured I'd hit up the forum and see if anyone had not deleted their El Capitan installer lol

What you are asking is what i believe to be against the forums rules. @moderators is this correct?

there is no legal way to obtain the El Captain DMG without the app store.

@Dje4321 When you get El Capitan from the App store, before you install it, it will show up in the applications folder on the Mac. You can then save it to a flash drive and transport it around to other Mac's. But in my situation, the Macbook Pro I am using has no onboard ethernet and the internal wifi is dead. Using Command+R is useless in my situation as the recovery feature does not activate USB wifi adapters or Ethernet adapters. Plus El Capitan is "FREE" to anyone with a valid apple ID. I sat on the phone with apple support for over an hour trying to figure out the situation and they finally told me "You will need to download El Capitan on another Mac and transfer the installer to your Macbook in order for it to work.

download it on another macbook through the app store. use dd to copy the install to the USB and boot off of that and reinstall os x

Obtaining the DMG from torrents is against the rules. Basically the rule of thumb is that you need to be on a Mac in order to get a free copy, otherwise the App Store has it for sale.

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I've already obtained a copy now from a friend of mine from his Macbook Air.
Someone please close or lock the thread.

OK, good to hear.