SOLVED Android help: Removing the "watch on tv" from the mobile youtube app + first post

Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time poster. Glad to join this place after the TS forums went down.

I’ve been an Android user for quite a while, and I have yet to understand how to get around the following problem. In the house we have just WiFi and a television connected to it, for Netflix and Youtube, hence we also do not have a need for a chromecast.

My issue is that I keep accidentally connecting my phone Nokia 8 updated to Oreo (previously Galaxy A5) to our tv by accidentally pressing the “watch on tv” button, when I am using the youtube app on my phone. The problem is that I do not want this to happen, because there are other people watching the damn tv. Every bloody time I change the resolution of the video in the app on my phone, I accidentally connect it to the tv, as the damn “watch on tv button” is right next to it.

I have tried turning off everything from disabling google Nearby, to denying all the app permissions for Google Services as well as Youtube. Yet, that damn thing is still in the app.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how this could be solved, or worked around. The only solution so far is to turn off the TV completely, or just use YouTube on my phone over a 3G connections.

Thank you in advance

[EDIT: this has been solved by downloading NewPipe like Eden has suggested]

Do you have a different app…? Never seen a button there, got a screen shot? For me the cast to tv button (not chromecast, cast to tv), is two clicks away on its own dedicated button no where near resolution.

In any case… pay more attention?

Or if that’s not an option, your only option might be to not use the google youtube app.

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level one techs jpeg

Thanks for the reply. It literally looks like this.

How can your button be located anywhere else?

By way of different apps I can only think of using the mobile site for youtube in Firefox, but it’s quite clunky.

Oh is see, you press the option button but miss it and press the cast button? only one device to cast to?

newpipe is really good. open source as well. (on f-droid on apk from their site/github)


Exactly so. Nothing else but the TV, I take it you have a few more things to cast to, aka you get a list of multiple devices.

Thanks for the suggestion, it actually seems to be what I’m looking for. I’ll give it a try!