(SOLVED) A new drive to save Steam ubuntu 14.04 games to

Hey everyone,
New user working my way through Ubuntu-Gnome 14.04 and I've managed to get a lot set up, except for saving the Linux Steam games to another hard drive.
I've done a lot of reading about saving Steam games to a different locations and I've followed the advice given relevant to a different hard drive but it hasn't worked for me yet.

So has anyone got a definite solution to saving Ubuntu steam games to a secondary drive?


During my research it appears that I need the second hard drive to auto mount when Ubuntu loads using

sudo blkid
to get its
/dev/sda1 o r2 sdb1 or 2 sdc1 or 2 or sdd
along with it label and UUID and file type.
Then with fstab using
sudo vi /etc/fstab -open fstab
input a line of code starting with the hard drives
uuid= then /path/to/mount then
its file type followed by
defaults, errors=remount -r 0 1.
Then save it (f me I havn't learnt how to save in terminal yet!) and close
then force it to mount with
sudo mount -a or restart and cross my fingers.
Yea too easy for my 3rd day in Ubuntu :)

Anyone want to chime in and tell me if I'm the right path maybe @wendell with his max level wizardry?


Ok I got it done!!.


If anyone cares I'll share what I learnt but I probably wont need to because no one responded meaning you all knew!!

With some wiki research and McGoogling I have an ssd auto mounting when Ubuntu loads
that also mounts a /media/steamgames folder linked to the drive so when I choose to install a game in steam the location appears in the list and installs the game into the given directory on the mounted drive.
I installed 4 games, played the 4 games, made settings in all 4 that saved information back to the appropriate folders
so steam has read-write-exec of the software on this hard drive.

So what else did I achieve while learning this?
While I did this I got OBS running stable
I couldn't use my Microsoft Lifecam HD Studio camera as it needs some real lvl 500 mastery to work
However my Playstation 3 camera worked as soon as I plugged it in
My Creative Soundblastier Tactic Fury headset worked
Got my Windows xbox360 bluetooth for pc working and working in steam/games
Installed Skype and called my Mother, because #reasons

What will I do tomorrow?
See if I can get the Avermedia Live HD Capture Card working
Install my wireless HP printer
Install a VM to get some windows games running in Ubuntu or to get the Avermedia card working if there is no linux support yet
Get a friggin theme and change my background, everything is still stock lol.
I wonder if the UDraw PS3 tablet could work if I plugged it in??

And now I can sleep, thus ends day 3 on Ubuntu.

Is it weird that I hear @wendell 's voice when I read Ubuntuwiki and how to's and @DeusQain 's voice when I get shit wrong and @Logan 's voice to tell me to go get a beer while I am making this transition?

The question is, Am I helping you out or scolding you when you get shit wrong?

You would be helping by "coaching" me in the right direction.