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Solved: 2080 Super low utilization and low fps with GTA V

Hi everyone, I hope everyone’s staying safe.

Simply put, my RTX 2080 SUPER can’t play GTA 5 respectfully at any settings, let alone the Nvidia recommend “optimized” settings. which given the specs, makes absolutely no sense!

On 1080 I can get somewhere between 24-44 fps with an average of 33. No Mods whatsoever.

Here is the rundown:
AMD Ryzen 9 3950X liquid cooled
64 gigs of RAM @ 3200 C16
Game running on a non-OS NVMe at the beginning,thinking that might be the problem, I uninstalled it and installed it again on OS drive (both launcher and game on the same drive) no change whatsoever.
2080 Super running on latest driver, just stress tested it to make sure I’m not losing my mind. Temps barely went above 72C, no throttling. Normal MSI Afterburner profile, nothing crazy.
Everything is updated, even the bios

Game Settings:

Link removed

Stats during in-game benchmark:
CPU utilization barely exceeding 10-18% @ 4.23 GHz, although about 8 cores working harder than the others, still not maxed out.

RAM @ 13 GB stable (20%)

GPU is recognized. 3D utilization never exceeds 10-20%. Copy never exceeds 5%. Video encode/decode both 0%. Overall Utilization around 19%. Dedicated GPU memory usage is around 6.9-7Gigs. GPU memory @ 7.1Gigs. Shared GPU memory 0.2/32 GB stable.

There’s something seriously wrong here. I see others on Youtube playing at higher resolutions and much higher frame rates
During the opening/loading screen, it’s a beautiful 250 fps… other than that it’s utter crap.
My power management is set on maximum performance. I honestly don’t know what else to do.
I can play something like No Man’s Sky on 4K full Ultra settings with 50-55 fps. And with Fortnite with all settings maxed out at Epic I can get 57-60 fps since my screen is capped at 60. and I ask for nothing more.

This makes absolutely no sense. Anyone got any ideas? Please do share as I’m beyond frustrated rn. Thanks.

EDIT: I have investigated this issue on other forums as well, and it turns out the culprit was frame scaling. Now I run it on 1440 full ultra at around 60-80 fps with dips around 55. and I use Nvidia’s DSR with a factor of x2 to upscale it a bit. I sit 20 inches from a 32" monitor, and the difference is noticeable.

Are you able to check CPU utilisation during this time?

I could be wrong as I have not really looked at 3950X stuff but 10-18% utilisation sounds low.

While loading the game, its fixed at 64 fps.
when running the in-game benchmark, and in-between scenes with dark frames, CPU peaks around 24%, fps is 250. then CPU goes back to 10-18% as the scene plays out.

This is the Gamers Nexus discovered “frame rate cap” for GTAV.

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