[SOLVED] 1/4 Screen - Corner Window Tiling in Gnome?


I'm trying to figure out how to get 1/4 screen corner window tiling in gnome with keyboard shortcuts.
Much like how it behaves on cinnamon I wish to move my windows around with just Super+{up, down, left, right}.
I've been looking around and I've found something called Shellshape that seems interesting, but it doesn't really behave like I'd like, I'd just like to keep things simple.

Any ideas?

P.S. I'm investigating ubuntu gnome in a vm to see if its worthy of a switch from linux mint. If I can sort this out then I'd likely install natively.

there is a gnome extension here which tiles you windows

Thank you very much for reading carefully :)

lol I realised after I posted it. I was going to change it to the link of the demo video. (then I fell asleep in my chair)
It shows how to control the tiles with the keyboard.

demo video here

I'm going to bed before I go full derp!