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Solution to replace 3 monitor setup

Hi Everyone,

Looking for a bit of advice regarding monitors.

I currently have three Samsung 23.6 inch PLS monitors with a 1920x1200 resolution and I am hoping to look an upgrade over the next year. (Not in a rush if better stuff is coming out).

Link to what I currently have here:

What I would like something more modern with higher resolution and that doesn’t take up more desk space.

I use my current monitors for work, and I would use the centre monitor for some casual gaming, halo, civ, etc.

Does anyone know if there is a monitor that you can split in to three virtual monitors? I want this so I can easily use snapping zones in windows and that windows sees it as three seperate monitors. I know there is 21:9 monitors that can be used as 2 monitors side-by-side and 4k monitors that act as 4x1080 monitors but the reason I want three horizontal monitors because I still want to have my main focus in the centre monitor and to be able to use it for gaming.

The other alternative would be to get three new 24 inch monitors. I had a look online but I can’t really find any screens that have above a 1080p resolution.

Any suggestions or better solutions would be appreciated. The max I would like to spend is about $2000 AUD.

Thanks in advance.

to get three new 24 inch monitors

Sadly there aren’t many (if any) 24 inch monitors that have bigger resolutions than aforementioned. You should look into 27 inch monitors, they will have higher resolutions. (2560x1440 and 3840 × 2160 for 16:9 or 2560x1600 and 3840x2400 for 16:10)

I have two Dell U2515H at home, which are 25" and thus only very slightly bigger than 24" and their resolution is 2560x1440.
Perhaps there is a successor nowadays.

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You want PBP but this isn’t gonna be cheap. If you want an ultrawide with the same effective real estate and PBP then you’re really gonna pay.

Here’s one from dell

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Actually 21:9 is more like 1.5 monitors. Don’t think splitting it would be wise. Though they are great for productivity.

I have a 32:9 1440p 49" Samsung. It works pretty well split into 3 zones. It’s basically two 27" panels in one but you can split it into 3 (4:3 ratio, maybe?) panels using something like DisplayFusion or Dells free monitor software. It’s also 120hz so it works pretty well for gaming if you have the horsepower to drive it. I used to have a 3-panel setup but I prefer having a single superwide much more. I’m still using a secondary monitor though. I had a 21:9 first but it still didn’t give me the space I was looking for. I’m still using it mounted above the 49" monitor.

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@Adubs and @Knight26

Thank you for the monitor suggestions. Something like these might do the trick. I’m going to do some of my own research in to display fusion and see if there is any drawbacks. I think this may be a good solution.

Also thanks to everyone else who commented in the thread.

You can also use the split functionality in Microsoft PowerToys.

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