Solid State Drives

Curious about which SSD to purchase, on newegg they got a nice shell shocker deal going on for S510 Adata drive for around 80$ but i am not sure. Should I just splurge and get a kingston hyper x or the S900 AData drive. let me know if you guys have any other opinions.

For reliability for the crucial m4

I say get the adata i love it. bought it a few days ago for my laptop. Runs sweeeeet.  Btw in the box is the old stock hardrive >.> didnt wanna lose it ya know.

lol nice, I am really caught between a rock and a hard place on this one. It's either buy it now or just wait until I buy the all the parts for my new build. Kinda frustrating. Thanks for the picture that is awesoem


Im looking for a ssd setup, most likely raid 0, for a new gaming computer build im designing

My ideas so far:
pcie ssd card 
4 sata III ssds with an on board raid (motherboard raid)
4 sata III ssds with a pcie raid card

supports trim
between 1 - 1.5gbps  also 4k read speeds between 50-100

must be bootable

fastest boot times / real world speed

is there anything better then this?

its says 1.5 gig read speed but some people benchmark it at only 600meg