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1600 Sold

Originally purchased August 22nd, 2017.
Just upgraded to a Ryzen 7 3700X. Thought I was going to build a portable mini itx system to throw in a carry on luggage, but a laptop and a mouse is a hell of a lot less bulky so I went with that instead.
Tried OC’ing, I had a lot of trouble getting to 3.8GHz. max voltage I ever pushed was 1.35V so it basically ran stock all the time and would turbo when it felt like it.

Will include original box, cooler, and sticker not peeled.
Will throw in a small tube of paste as well.

$65 shipped sound fair?

Pictures go here:

Asus Zenwatch 2, Model: WI501Q-GM-GR


Used this for a bit. Before getting tired of the feeling of the metal band.
Pretty basic smart watch and is pretty worn IMO. Did well to keep track of steps, manage messages, make and receive phone calls (although I never cared to use that feature)

Watch as is
Original box
Charging brick and magnetic USB charger.

$50 shipped sound fair?


Here is a short video on the scratches on the watch face. They are not deep but are very visible if you want a pristine finish:

Thank you for your time!

Can you post the watch running? I was looking at a garmin one on CL but this would be better lol.

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Slapping together a vijeyo in a minute, phone is acting dumb not wanting to copy from internal storage to PC. Copying to SD card.

@Aremis Here is the video. Let me know if you want more details.

So after cleaning out the speaker because it was quiet, it got louder but it’s clipping pretty bad about 7/10 of max volume and is still kind of quiet. Mic quality is fine. Maybe be inclined to let it go for cheaper.

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FYI on the 1600. AMD has released a refresh with the same name, but using the 12nm zen+ arch, ie ryzen 2000. It is distinguished with and AF in the product code as compared to an AE in the launch model. So the new AF model is closer to a 2600 then a AE 1600.

It is available for $85 on amazon BNIB so you may want to drop your price.

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Anybody is open to make offers

Thank you for stopping by.

How about 35
Still thinkin on it

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Does the watch have a vibrate function?

Yeah it does.

I can do 35 for it then.

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Sounds good. Sorry let the day slip away from me. Family is in town.

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Not a problem! I’ll PM, you respond when you have the time.

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