{SOLD}(WTS) i7 - 870

Can't use it, need the cash. Asking 80 USD. Can only sell in US.

Good for first build for streaming or a nas. I used it in a machine I streamed with till the gpu in the machine died (dell optiplex 980).

60 + Shipping sounds awesome, i sold my fx6300 for 45 lol. the wholesale guys are the ones selling shit for what the stuff is actually worth. That's who'd probably buy yours if you listed it on ebay. then they turn around and sell it for 20% higher or so and wait a few weeks months whatever lol, they sell so much one item is nothing. and there's a bigass fingerprint on it hahaha

I can negotiate

If you don't take it to ebay ill buy it once some shit comes through. id be set on reselling it buuutttt http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/272350828905?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_noapp=true

you could getcha self somethin pretty nice if you dug around right

I'm good with what I have. I don't need the chip and I'll never use it. Thats why I'm selling it.

i'm talking in the view point of buyer. i dig this thing haha, cheapest i7 possibly obtainable

Cheapest yet very powerful. Better than a Q6600. I don't understand the love for 6600's when the 870 is 2 of those things glued together.

How well does this overclock?
I'm interested if it gets near 4.5.

At 2.93 GHZ it boosts to 3.6 naturally. I'm sure you could push it more but it was in an OEM system so I don't have an answer.

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4.2 seems like what you get with something like a 212 evo id chill at 4